Fall Fashion in Fall-less Florida

Labor Day has come and gone, and y’all know what that means; fall fashion is officially here!! So in honor of the season that everyone has been waiting for, in this post I am going to ask the question Floridians have been asking since the dawn of fashion: how in the world do your dress for fall and still dress for the heat?

In every other state, you can wear a sweater every day and be perfectly in style! But so many Floridians have told me they don’t even bother buying fall clothes because they know that it’ll always be too hot to wear them. Honestly, fair point, but I would argue that there are a few surefire ways to dress in season without dying of a heatstroke.

Cardi Up

Cardigans are a pretty popular solution for this predicament. Adding a thin, fall-colored cardigan to your summer wardrobe accomplishes the task of transitioning to fall while still having the flexibility to wear your summer pieces. And the best part is you can take it off when you go outside.

Materials are Everything

Along the same vein, it’s very possible to find fall colors, patterns, and trends in light materials. For example, this shirt from Top Buttons (pictured below) is a super thin, breathable, summer-style t-shirt, but the rust red color makes it look like the epitome of fall. You know those ten black t-shirts we all have hidden away in our top drawer? You don’t have to feel guilty about wearing them this season! My dark-colored but light-fabric shirts are going to be a life saver this fall.

Layer Up

Just like cardigans, jackets are perfect because you can TAKE THEM OFF. Y’all remember how I wore my blazer on the first day of school? I definitely did not keep that on the whole day. Whether it’s a blazer, bomber, or cargo jacket, an extra layer can take your outfit from summer to fall. I know you love sweaters, but try to opt for a jacket instead so you can take it off in the middle of the day!

The Middle School Technique

I don’t know about you guys, but when I was in middle school, I wore a jacket every single day. When it was too hot, I took it off and tied it around my waist. So did everyone else. At the time, I thought it looked dumb but did it anyway for convenience. Now that I’m grown(ish) and I (mostly) know how to style myself, I think it’s adorable. This is such a flattering style because it emphasizes the waist. I know you have a jacket or sweater that you’ve been waiting all year to wear, so try tying it around your waist!

I know that these are all pretty obvious solutions, but hopefully these tips will be helpful. If you want to look cool in the blazing hot weather, try wearing removable layers and light fabrics. It’ll make all the difference.

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