My name is Lindsay Grace and I am a fashion addict whose style can best be described as undecided. Ranging from pale grunge to sassy grandmother, I assemble outfits that are fun, unique, and almost always on sale.

I am a Christian and plus size, but neither one is the focus of this blog. My style cannot be restricted by placing it into categories like “modest fashion” or “plus-size fashion”. Style is about inspiring confidence in everyone, each person presenting themselves to the world in the best light, and reflecting each person’s own interest and and beliefs. It is about individuality and connection. It is about perception and personality. It is a universal language. It is an art.

I am located in Tampa, Florida and am enrolled at a liberal arts college there. And as a college kid, I am flat broke, therefore a huge advocate of affordable and relatable fashion. I am also in the stage of my life when I’m trying to figure out who I am going to be and how I am going to live. So let’s talk about clothes and life together!