So what’s the big deal with Target anyway?

For as long as I can remember, Target has been one of the most popular on-budget-but-still-wanna-look-super-cute brands in the country. Most women could find pieces they loved at affordable prices, whether those pieces were Xhileration, Mossimo, or Merona. The key word though, is "most". Xhileration is cut for slimmer, straighter women. Merona was a little …

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Are neckties the new chokers?

2017 saw a resurgence in the popularity of the most on-again-off-again accessory: the choker. I was one of the many who wore a choker every single day for about a year and a half. But I have subconsciously phased chokers out of my daily routine and replaced them with the newest trend in accessories: neck …

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