Boutiques: a Dying Industry?

According to any and all experts, we are in the era of online shopping. Even the most minimal research will show that the storefront is slowly but surely dying away. Not even the exorbitant price of shipping will keep people from ordering clothes, shoes, home decor, cleaning supplies, groceries, etc. through sites like Amazon. People …

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How To Style Culottes

Culottes are, according to, are "women's trousers, usually knee-length or calf-length, cut full to resemble a skirt." This is a style of pant that I have been eyeing for a while but have been too afraid to try. But I just got my first pair and I am in LOVE! Soooo I'm gonna show you how I style them and maybe give you the courage to …

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Destructive terms that the fashion industry should STOP USING

It is indisputable that the fashion industry caters toward a very specific body type, and this concept is manifest in many of the terms we use to describe the array of sizes and body types that do not fit this mold. I am such a fan of the movement to embrace all bodies in the …

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