How To Style Culottes

Culottes are, according to, are “women’s trousers, usually knee-length or calf-length, cut full to resemble a skirt.” This is a style of pant that I have been eyeing for a while but have been too afraid to try. But I just got my first pair and I am in LOVE! Soooo I’m gonna show you how I style them and maybe give you the courage to try them too!

Crop Tops All DAY

Most culottes are SUPER high waisted, so that makes them the perfect pant to pair a crop top with. Especially because they’re so flowy, you want a shirt that emphasizes your waist. Otherwise you’ll end up lookin like a sack (not snack– sack). Personally, I just the bottom off of a men’s t-shirt and it was perfect.



Tucked and Tight

It’s so easy to look shapeless in these pants if you’re not careful; I don’t care how shapely you are. Therefore, you HAVE to remind people that you have a shape. Another way to achieve this is by wearing a (relatively) fitted shirt and tucking it in. Again, creating a waist. If you have a bodysuit, this would be a good time to pull it out. If not, Tucked and Tight, baby.

Top Heavy

Culottes are naturally bottom heavy, so a fun way to create some balance would be to wear a shirt that is “top heavy”. Anything with a collar, frill, or design around the neck and shoulders is a great way to achieve and hourglass silhouette. The more extra, the better.

Basically, the secret is just to create some shape  in the look! Never wear a baggy top with culottes (probably. unless you make it look great.) and always emphasize your waist. You’ll be good to go!

Are you going to try these crazy pants? Comment below!

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