A Gift Guide: Supporting Small Businesses Edition

Hello everyone!! Since it is the Holidays and everyone and their brother is writing a gift guide, I thought I would throw one of my own into the mix! And in honor of the second best day of the year (Christmas obviously being the first), Small Business Saturday, I want to feature some local businesses that will not only personalize your gift game, but also support some amazing artisans and entrepreneurs in the area. Even better, most of these businesses have online shops, so you can support them from anywhere in the country! So here are ten fabulous gift ideas from some of my favorite businesses!

Twenty Seven

Jenna Cherry, the artist behind the company called Twenty Seven, is by far my favorite artist in the area. She creates art super-charged with positivity and good vibes and overall adorableness. On the 27th of every month, her online store opens to the public so you can shop prints, pins, and any picture-perfect gift you can think of! I bought my BFF a Nacho Libre print for her birthday this summer and it was everything. I’ll include a couple of my favorites below, so go support this sweet local creator!!!

Twenty Seven

Rane Made

Y’all have heard me talk about for a year, but I definitely had to put her in this gift guide. Raney is the best handmade clothing maker in central Florida. Her clothes are artfully crafted, flattering, and long lasting. And the best part: you don’t even have to know your girlfriend’s size. So many of her pieces are truly one-size-fits-all that you can actually buy your friend an article of clothing with no reservations. And Rane Made will be at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday offering free totes with a purchase!


Coffee Shop Merch

A lot of people in our culture feel a very personal connection to their favorite coffee shop. If you can find out which coffee shop is someone’s favorite, buying them some cute merchandise is a solid way to personalize a gift. For example, if a friend bought me a Felicitous Coffee t-shirt, I would cry a river of joy. I’ll include a couple local favorites below, but this idea works no matter where you live! Unless there are no coffee shops around you and if that’s the case I’m really sad for you.


Locally Roasted Coffee

This idea goes hand-in-hand with my last idea! For a coffee-lover, there’s nothing more exciting than trying a new roast. My favorite is definitely Ethos Roasters (linked below). Again, if you know your friend’s favorite coffee shop, you can probably go in and buy the roast that they use! Either way, this gift idea is a go to for me.


Magnolia Popcorn

Picture this: your typical giant gift can of white cheddar, caramel, and butter popcorn… but reimagined. Magnolia Popcorn does not play around. It is by far the best popcorn I’ve ever had. This is a good standard gift if you have no creative ideas, but because it’s a high-quality local brand, it shows that thought went into it. The best part: you can order it online.


Rafa Naturals

Natural and Organic Skincare products and brands are all the rage lately. We have a store in our very own Lakeland, FL that is just absolutely phenomenal. If you go in, you can try almost every product and you’ll love every one of them. Their packaging is adorable (designed by Jenna at Twenty Seven) and their formulas are so refreshing. I love their coffee scrub (I’m thinking a coffee themed gift set with a tee, a roast, and a scrub would be fun), but literally everything is so good.


Scout & Tag

Connected to Rafa Natural’s Lakeland location is the cutest decor shop EVER. They have the best wall art, pillows, knickknacks, etc. for gift. Probably my favorite purchase from there was three super unique posters that were 7 bucks each. I’ll include some other favorites available online too!

scout and tag pillow

Copper Tree Beads

As I’m sure y’all have noticed, I love a handmade brand. Copper Tree Beads is Lakeland’s very own handmade jewelry shop. They offer custom designs and premade, unique pieces. They have several designers in the shop and each one has an individual style that shines through in their pieces. These make super unique and gorgeous gifts, and there is also a large selection of cute clothing that matches the style of the jewelry. This place is definitely a favorite of mine!


The Shop Across the Street

The Shop Across the street is a hub for eclectic decor, art, clothes, etc. The “Shop” Across the Street is actually four shops inside a single building. All four vendors have unique style, and you’re sure to find some treasures inside.


The Salt Room

Everyone needs some pampering after the stress of the holiday season, and The Salt Room is THE place to be pampered in Lakeland. They use salt therapy to improve wholistic health while allowing you to sit back and relax. This spot is definitely not your typical spot, and it’s just what your mom needs to regain her sanity in the new year.

The Salt Room

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