Modesty, but Make it Fashion (some encouragement for my high school beauties)

The more I study fashion (whether it’s timeless classics, fleeting trends, or personalized style), the more I discover just how many modest options there are. Growing up, I always felt so out of place because of mine and my family’s standards of modesty. But I am currently scrolling through a article and realizing just how many fashions are perfectly appropriate (like calf length leggings with everything?).

Now of course, there will always be things you want to wear that you should not be wearing. But choosing to dress modestly will not ostracize you, earn you strange looks, or ensure that you will never be fashionable.

Just like all of you, I have also had all of these thoughts at multiple times in my life. There was even a (long) time when I suppressed my love for fashion because I genuinely thought that I could never wear anything that was in style.

Take dress length, for example. During my first two years of high school, it seemed completely impossible to find any dresses that were knee length and actually cute. Then maxi dresses and skirts became insanely popular. Two years later, midi dresses exploded! So even though I felt very conspicuous, no one really cared. And a few years later, styles that met my personal modesty standards were back in style.

Of course, I was hearing in church every week that I should look different that the world, be apart from it, etc. But I understand that’s the last thing a high schooler wants to hear.

So I just wanted to write up a little post reminding my younger readers that you can be on your A game while still following your modesty standards, exemplifying Jesus, and being a light in general.

Let’s use some current trends as an example.


Now, this Target jumpsuit did not meet my school’s dress code by itself because it didn’t have sleeves. So I paired it with this on-trend houndstooth blazer. To most people, it just looks like I’m following the power-suit trend, but in reality I was modifying the outfit to make it more modest.

I’m not saying it’s easy to find modest pieces in the styles you want. But I am saying it’s possible. And I’m saying you can look 100% fabulous while doing.

So don’t feel self-conscious about your conviction to dress modestly. Remember first that you are dressing to please God, not man. And then remember that you have the power to put together an outfit that’s so fabulous that everyone else will want to dress modestly too.

Love, Lindsay

2 thoughts on “Modesty, but Make it Fashion (some encouragement for my high school beauties)

  1. We had a lesson about this at North Liv Sunday night! Andrew used Kate Middleton and Michelle Obama in his illustration, and it really struck me. Both women dress very conservatively, but no one would call either of those women unfashionable – in fact, they are at the forefront of the fashion world!


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