Dorm Decor

If I’m being honest, I was not excited to go back to school. I had a rough spring semester, and had just gotten into a routine back in Lakeland. It felt like I was leaving a successful lifestyle and going back to being a mess 24/7 (insert embarrassed monkey emoji here). BUT one of the things I was most excited about was decorating my dorm room. I have I private room this year, so I have been planning how I want my space to look since January.

The biggest goal I had was that I wanted to separate my room into a sleeping space and a workspace. I wanted the front half of my room to be for sleeping and the other side to be for everything else (homework, getting ready, making food or drinks, etc.). And because of this separation, the decor styles on either side of the room are actually distinctive. My mom described it as the two sides of my personality, which seems fitting.

Sleep Side/Work Side

So one side of the room is funky vintage and the other is white girl bohemian. Let’s take a closer look at some of my favorite pieces!

Scout & Tag

These posters are my favorite edition to my room! I was wandering through a decor shop back home, Scout & Tag, and stumbled upon them. So for $6 apiece, I got to put cheese, coffee, and flowers on my wall. Honestly, ideal.

Also pictured is my decorative gold ball which I bought in an auction and has no purpose other than being awesome.


Two other things that were very important for me while decorating my room were saving money and sentimental value. So I basically went on a scavenger hunt in my Grandmama and Big Grandma’s houses for things I could use. I needed a cover for my “couch” in my workspace, and I found this crazy awesome vintage quilt in Grandmama’s closet. Big Grandma was giving some of her dishes away and I said “Perfect. That giant stained glass mustard yellow goblet should fit all of my scrunchies perfectly.”

So now it feels like I’ve taken my family to school with me, which (though I am very independently minded) I find to be a HUGE comfort. Also, comforters are EXPENSIVE! Using this quilt that was just sitting on a shelf probably saved me $30, so everyone wins, right?

So, I know I said that the posters are my favorite thing in my room, but I might have lied. This canvas is in very close competition. My classmate and beautiful friend Cora Smith (@honeysucklehousebg) painted it for me. I gave her very little direction because I had no idea what I wanted, but she fit it into my vision PERFECTLY.

I call this look white girl hippie bohemian chic, ya know what I mean? This cute little corner basically is just your standard college dorm decor BUT I got everything for super cheap.

String Lights: hand-me-down from Gigi Mills on move out day

Tapestry: $7 on Amazon

Macrame Dream Catcher: $15 at Marshall’s.

I could have spent at least $50 on these three things if I wasn’t careful, but honestly Amazon and Marshall’s decor is GREAT.

Not only did I save money on all of my decor, but most of it is also unique. It may be similar to other girl’s rooms, but most of the pieces aren’t exactly the same. Hopefully this will inspire y’all when you’re giving your room a facelift! I never thought I would say this, but I’m really glad I didn’t just go to Target.

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