TRaburn Designs

This summer, I was lucky enough to partner with TRaburn Designs. Treasure Raburn is a Tampa-based Christian and seamstress who custom makes modest and affordable clothing. So basically, my favorite kind of brand.

I asked Treasure how she got started making clothes:

My mom is an awesome seamstress, so she taught me to sew growing up. I don’t really have a specific age that I learned how because I started off watching her and she’d let me do things here and there. Then she gave me her old machine when I was 12 and really started teaching me how to do it on my own. I started my Etsy shop (click here) in September 2017. I had made myself this peplum shirt and got lots of compliments on it, and then my husband said I should make them for people and sell them. I’m not the one to put myself out there like that but I went beyond my comfort zone and did it! My goal is to one day be a stay-at-home mom and have that be some extra money that I can be making while I’m at home.

But what started as a side hustle earned her a crowd of loyal customers in the Tampa area. Everyone at my school, especially, has a Treasure dress. And for good reason! Her pieces are high quality, unique, and super fashionable. She has an eye for fabrics and a natural talent for creating silhouettes. I literally have not stopped wearing the pinstripe dress she sent me (which also functions as a beach cover up btw) and the peplum shirt (the piece that started it all) lays perfectly on me! Check out these pics of her product!


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