Back-to-School Must-Haves!

Hey guys! Who needs some help freshening up their wardrobe with a few trendy pieces before school starts? If so, I’m here to help! Here’s a list of back to school essentials to help you get your wardrobe on its feet!

White Sneakers

The clunkier, the better! Really any brand is fine, but I just got a pair of Skechers D’Lites Fresh Start in White Silver.

Image result for skechers d lites fresh start white silver
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But honestly if you don’t want to spend crazy money on trendy shoes, go to Walmart. Nobody will know the difference!

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Long-sleeve Thermal Henley

This is one piece that will transition right into fall and can be paired with shorts, jeans, skirts, you name it. Definitely a basic to get your hands on!

Thermal Henley Top, Main, color, Purple Fragrant
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A Fall Jacket

And a great way to transition a piece like the thermal henley into fall is by throwing a jacket over it. Whether it’s a cargo, bomber, or a leather jacket, you’ll need something to layer with! But make sure you have something other than denim! I’ll always love a good denim jacket, but wearing one everyday is unfortunately not on trend this year. Expand your horizons a little!

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Casual Dresses

Let’s be honest, guys. Wearing a dress makes people think you’re trying. 100% of the time. So I like to use this to my advantage. Find dresses that are 1) comfortable and 2) incredibly simple to style. I love t-shirt dresses paired with sneakers, personally. And most comfy dresses will (again) transition right into fall by adding a jacket or some tights.

Slide View: 4: UO Manu Turtleneck Mini Dress
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Houndstooth Dress Pants

I know it sounds strange, but go with me here. These are going to be THE most stylish item of the new school year. Paired with a grungy band shirt, your new fall jacket, and white kicks, and you’re suddenly in the running for best dressed. I’ll link a pair below, but honestly the best way to get these is by thrifiting. These were super popular with working women 5-10 years ago, so every thrift shop I’ve been in has been fully stocked with awesome dress pants. Give it a try!

Patterned Pants - White/Dogtooth - Ladies | H&M US 2
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Frayed Jeans

I hate break it to you ladies, but ripped jeans are basically out! Tragic, I know. Instead, get a few pairs of jeans with a frayed hem. Frayed is the new ripped, I’m a-frayed. HA. Forgive me for that pun; here are the jeans.

 Kitten Mid-Rise Ruffle Hem Skinny Jean by Sam Edelman - Brazil - View 1
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And that’s a wrap! Happy Shopping!



P.S. Which of these trends are you going to try? Comment Below!


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