Summer Faves

Hi guys! It’s been a hot minute. Honestly, I’m not even going to try to give excuses as to why it’s been a while since I posted; I’m just inconsistent.

But to hold you over until I actually sit down and write an intellectually satisfying blog post, here’s a list of my FAVORITE fashion and beauty essentials this summer.

Light-colored sneaks

Actually, any sneaks. But I’m especially obsessed with light-colored Pumas. I mean, just look at them:

Image 1 of Basket Women’s Bow Sneakers, Blue Flower-Blue Flower, medium
Click Here

But also I’ve been loving the retro New Balance line that are defining the skater-girl vibe recently. I actually found a pair at Top Buttons and claimed them immediately.


Stripes! (especially with floral)

I’ve never really been a huge stripes girl but something changed this summer and now I can’t stop wearing them. The only pattern I used to wear was floral, and now I’m using floral patterns to accent stripes.

It’s kind of funny, because as soon as I wrote about how much I hate pattern mixing in a blog post (5 trends that should die a quick and painful death in my humble opinion ), I started mixing patterns all the time! It’s like I was trying to prove myself wrong! Hence, the floral with stripes.

A cute little striped linen shirt/dress with a floral necktie or duster or headband… That’s summer in an outfit.

TRaburn Designs Dress


Similar Top


Can this count as a summer favorite? I hope so, because it’s on the list! I wore black for an entire year, but now I can’t stop buying white. It’s definitely one of this summer’s major colors.


Off-the-Shoulder Top




Headbands are no longer for girls fourteen and under! Whether you’re growing out your bangs (like me) or you just want your hair out of your face (which is a summer MOOD), headbands are the way to go. And they’re back in!!! Trust me, it’s cute.

Similar Headband
Shirt and Skirt


This may seem sort of random, since I am not a beauty blogger (I only own one eyeshadow brush for goodness sake), but I have fallen in love with Bioderma this summer!! My sister went to a Gal Getaway event ( ) and brought back two Bioderma products as part of her free gift.

Micellar Water

I have been searching and searching for a makeup remover that doesn’t coat my face in oil or burn my eyes or leave most of my makeup on. This is the one. It’s so gentle, but really effective. It actually takes off my waterproof mascara without pulling out my eyelashes. It also doubles as a gentle toner and again, doesn’t burn.

Micellar Water

Spray Tan (yes, you heard me right)

Now, I’m not a spray tan gal. I will forever love my pale skin and refuse to get regular spray tans. BUT. I will say that Bioderma makes an amazing one. It just makes your skin gorgeously even without looking orange or unnatural at all. I have worn it a few times to even out my erratic skin tone, and I kind of love it. If you’re wary about spray tan, this is the one to try.


Dewy Makeup

And while we’re on a beauty theme, dewy make up has been my go-to this summer! The only two requirement for my looks have been:

  1. easy application
  2. natural shine

I actually have a full tutorial saved in my IG story highlights, but I’ll just share my three favorite high-shine products for the summer!

Mary Kay CC Cream

This moisturizing foundation is so easy-breezey! You literally rub it into your face with your hands and you’re good to go. It’s light coverage, so you don’t look or feel like you’re wearing a ton of make-up. It is definitely my #1 product right now.

CC Cream

Revlon Ultra HD™ Lip Laquer

I picked this lip gloss up randomly because the color looked nice, and now I am NEVER going back. This gloss is so opaque that it’s almost a lipstick, it lasts all day, it’s not sticky, and it has a brush for accurate application. Basically, it’s perfect.

Ultra HD Lip Laquer

Ulta Dewy Setting Spray

I know it can be scary to use a dewy setting spray because nobody wants to look oily all day, but this Ulta spray does a really good job of giving you a naturally glow without making you look like you need to shower. Plus it smells like coconut sooooo

Setting Spray   

And as a thank you for reading, meet Patrick: my new best friend + love of my life.

Patrick, my succulent

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