So what’s the big deal with Target anyway?

For as long as I can remember, Target has been one of the most popular on-budget-but-still-wanna-look-super-cute brands in the country. Most women could find pieces they loved at affordable prices, whether those pieces were Xhileration, Mossimo, or Merona. The key word though, is “most”. Xhileration is cut for slimmer, straighter women. Merona was a little curvier, but their pieces looked at least 30 years older. Growing up, the Target clothes I liked didn’t fit my hips, and the ones that did looked like clothing for grown women.

In the past year or so, Target has begun a rebranding that strives to bridge the gap between curvy and trendy. The movement began with the company recruiting women of all sizes to model their clothing. They were one of the first companies to put size 8 women in bikinis on their magazine covers.

The movement continued by the company phasing out Merona and bringing in trendy and classy new brands. Now, their women’s clothing section is composed of Xhileration, Knox and Rose (trendy boho floral), Mossimo, Universal Thread (denim), A New Day (stylish basics), Who What Wear (chic streetwear; regular and plus), and Ava and Viv (plus that’s to. die. for.).

My recent trips to Target have convinced me that they were successful in revamping their clothing section. Not only are all of their pieces BEAUTIFUL, but each brand caters to a different style and shape. Literally everyone could find a piece they love there. They are striving to carry trendy, chic, styles in a wide array of sizes and to tailor those styles to varying body types.

I’m just so impressed with their efforts and genuinely believe that they are doing great things.


Shirt: A New Day, Pants: Mossimo


Shirt: Who What Wear, Skirt: Xhileration


Shirt: Mossimo, Skirt: A New Day


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