Are neckties the new chokers?

2017 saw a resurgence in the popularity of the most on-again-off-again accessory: the choker. I was one of the many who wore a choker every single day for about a year and a half. But I have subconsciously phased chokers out of my daily routine and replaced them with the newest trend in accessories: neck ties.

My first exposure to neck ties was from following Rane Made on Instagram. Raney was making them to reduce clothing waste before the rest of the country caught up, so when I first saw them I was like “they’re adorable, but I couldn’t pull one off.” But the more she posted about them, the more I was like “okay maybe”.

So I bought one from her, and all of the sudden, I started seeing them everywhere. Not just in Lakeland, but on TV and in the fashion world as well. Suddenly neck ties had become a thing and chokers were nonexistent.

This is by far my favorite trend of 2018. So here’s a little bit of outfit inspo for wearing neck ties!

ashley holstein photography-summer-ranemade-31
Living in Rane Made
A Bit of Pattern Mixing
My First Necktie Outfit
Matching My Glasses
Farmer’s Market Outfit
As a headband? Sure, why not?! 
On a Hat Because I’m Creative

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