Modest Swimwear because I’m a modesty blogger so this is a required post

Hey guys! Happy Summer!

So first of all, I know that modesty standards are different for everyone and a lot of people aren’t comfortable wearing just a swim suit. That’s okay!

The pieces I’m going to feature in this post are going to be one-pieces or tankinis that don’t show cleavage. This is the kind of suit I wear, but like many of you that follow this blog, I like to wear shorts or a skirt at the beach.

And because swimwear is SO expensive, I’m going to try to feature pieces that are affordable. Several of these are on fourth of July sale, so act fast!

Twirl Dress Boutique

Twirl Dress Boutique is a company based in Utah that I came across through Instagram at some point. They are a brand focused on modesty, so their swimwear is modest as well! I also love how unique most of their pieces are.

This brand is a little pricey for me, but all of their suits are 30% off for the fourth!

Dark Teal High Neck Peplum Top
click here

This blue peplum top is adorable! It has a high neck, no back cut-outs, and has bra pads! Super cute with high waisted bottoms, shorts, or a skirt.


Erin One-Piece in Rad Pink
click here

Um OKAY this is cute. I love the buttons and pockets! So unique!


Green Yellow Palm Print Zip Up Suit
click here

White Lotus Racer Front Swim Suit

BREAKING NEWS. These have a high neck AND back. Crazy, right? And the prints are to die for!!!

Kortni Jeane

This is a brand my friend Phaedra suggested to me, and their pieces are gorgeous! Again, they’re a little pricey, but it’s SO easy to find a coupon code. Literally just google it.

Flounce Top
click here

I love the pom-pom sleeves on this off-the shoulder top! Also they have like a thousand colors and prints to choose from.



Netted Sweetheart Top
click here

One of my favorite features of this modest suit top is the netting at the top. You can still tan through netting, but not all of your skin has to be showing!


Now, for you ladies who wanna look fly without showing your thighs, I found a cute swim skirt!! Honestly the best place to go for these is if you’re looking for length.

click here

A classic, black, knee length, affordable swim skirt.


That’s all ladies!! Walmart and Target usually have a few options too, but these are my favorite unique suits.

Which one is your fave? Let me know in the comments.


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