Lindsay-Approved Rane Made Pieces

As some of you may remember, about a week and a half ago I went to my very first modeling gig. Obviously I do a lot of photo shoots for my own blog, but this was my first time modeling for a brand.

To be honest, I was terrified. Y’all know how much I love Rane Made (because I literally talk about it all the time), but up until now, I was mostly admiration from afar. I owned one of her neckties, but none of her actual pieces. Most of her styles are one size fits all, and we all know that most brands use that term to mean “one size fits small people”. So I was literally going to this shoot not knowing if anything was going to fit me.

It certainly helped that I knew Raney ahead of time and that my friend Zakera was in the shoot too, but I still got scared every time Raney handed me something new to put on. In the fashion world, you never want to be the biggest one at the shoot, ya know?

But Raney and Ashley Holstein (her amazing photographer) just made me feel so completely comfortable in my own skin. Nobody said “this will probably fit you” or even implied that I was a bigger size than the other two models. We need more brands like this in the fashion world.

Oh yeah, and the clothes? Fit like a glove.

This shoot proved to me that Rane Made is a brand that intends to inspire confidence in every woman. I want to show you the pieces I modeled, because every single one of them made me feel beautiful. So here’s my Rane Made haul:


Can I just… wow. Talk about the perfect fit. I’m wearing a medium in this beauty, and it was SO flattering. I LOVE the uneven hem: it’s my favorite length in front, but drapes gently down to mid-thigh on the sides (kind of like a shirt that’s half-tucked). This gives the shirt a lot of length but keeps it from looking like I’m wearing a pillowcase. And who knew I could rock marble?


This style of shirt is called the Lisa. It’s is one of her sized pieces (I’m wearing L/XL). It’s intended to be oversized, but still has a really cute shape. Hitting right at the button of my jeans, it’s my absolute favorite length. The neckline comes to a V on the front and back, and there’s a seam running the length of each side. This insures that the shirt hangs really well and, while it’s loose, it still shows off your curves. This silhouette is to die for and looks great on everyone.

Also I’m wearing Raney’s prescription sunglasses in this so I was a little dizzy and couldn’t see anything.


First of all, I was more uncomfortable taking this pic than I’ve been in my whole life. I was swaying rapidly back and forth so we could see the swing of the shirt and nervously giggling my butt off because I felt like everyone in the downtown area was watching me do the twist. But hey, it turned out great.

The swing in the best part of this shirt. It’s a super comfy cotton that just moves with you. This is the kind of shirt that makes sure you feel comfortable in your own skin because it flatters you in any and every body position.


Last but not least: this super comfy, gentle bell-sleeved top. It literally felt like a pajama shirt and was incredibly breathable. My favorite part was the subtle flare on the sleeves that made the piece unique.


Obviously I love Rane Made neck ties. but this one was long enough that I could wear it as a headband. SO cute!! I’m living for this look. 10/10, Raney, as usual.

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