What is a lifestyle blogger?

These days it seems like every Instagram blogger adds “lifestyle” to their bio. Travel and Lifestyle, Decor and Lifestyle, Fashion and Lifestyle (like me!), etc. But what is a lifestyle blogger? What does it actually mean? And what does it say about that blog?

The Blogger Himself/Herself

Some may argue that adding “lifestyle” to a bio gives the blogger leeway to post about things that aren’t actually the focus of their blog. I would actually agree with this. That’s exactly the reason I added “lifestyle” to my bio. But I don’t think that’s a bad thing at all!

One thing I have learned from my blogging experience and observations is that when a blogger exclusively posts about the blog’s focus (fashion, decor, travel, etc.), the blog begins to seem very impersonal. What lifestyle bloggers try to do is give their followers behind-the scenes footage of their day-to-day life. This allows followers to develop a sense of the blogger’s personality and feel more connected.

A term some of my favorite lifestyle blogs use quite frequently is “growing community”. Instead of trying to get followers, we are trying to grow our community. This means that we strive to actually build relationships with each of our followers. And the most important way to accomplish this is sharing your lifestyle with your followers!

The Content

You know when Pinterest added that feature that allows you to add a photo of a pin if you have tried it? This is sort of what a lifestyle blogger does with their feed/story/blog posts. We share our daily make-up routine, favorite recipes, artsy crafty projects we’re working on, and things like that. It allows followers to see that their fave blogger has already tried and loved a product, even if it’s not the focus of their blog.

Lifestyle bloggers don’t pretend to be experts on everything or have picture perfect lives, but it’s nice to see that someone you know and trust has already used a product before you spend your money on it.

So for me, I know very little about makeup. I just figured out how to put foundation on right a couple weeks ago. And I care very little about wearing it (I usually just swipe on some mascara to trick people into thinking I’m wearing it). But I still post about my favorite makeup products. Because if I like it enough to actually want to use it, it must be great right?

The Point

What it all comes down to, is that we want you guys to know us. We want to share more about ourselves than a daily outfit pic. We want you to know who we are!!

So at the end of the day, you’ll hear me talk about fast diets, or anxiety, or coloring books because these are all things that are important to me! And I’m hoping that the things I talk about are important to you too. And if they aren’t, skip the story, scroll past the post, or hit unfollow. That’s okay! I want to connect with you, and if I can’t do that, find a blogger who can! I won’t be offended! But for everyone else, let’s build a community together.

So much love,



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