Papa, I’m a Real Boy!

In the past week alone, the Lord has blessed and this blog in so many ways. When I started my @trustmeitsfshion Instagram account in September, I had really no idea how to use Insta and I definitely had no idea what I wanted out of the blog. I knew that owning a small business is my passion, but I thought that I would just blog to build my customer base. I had no idea that it would become a passion in itself.

Then in January, I launched my actual website. This was crazy exciting to me, because the website was always the goal. Instagram is great, but on here I can actually write and share my voice. I created it, designed it, and promoted it until I was up to nearly 500 followers (yay!).

And then I stalled out. This semester was hard for me, and I didn’t make time for you guys. But as soon as I got home for the summer, I started writing again. Creating again. And in the past seven days, so many amazing opportunities have smacked me in the face.

Top Buttons

The internship is the most perfect fit for me. I spend all day putting together outfits, helping women shop, and taking care of merchandise. And every item we sell goes toward helping a young girl regain her confidence and self-love. Oh yeah, and everyone there loves Jesus. I find myself just smiling randomly while steaming. And as for my Insta, I have already been inspired to create so much content while I’m there!! I’m literally living my dream.

Stitch Fix

I got an email Thursday night congratulating me on being selected to work with Stitch Fix as a brand ambassador. Initially, I was CRAZY excited about this. My first influencer position!!! But I was reading through the massive list of documents they sent me, and saw that I have to pay for the clothes! I don’t believe in paying a brand to create content for them (which is why I hadn’t accepted any other influencer offers) so I decided not to accept the position. Which is still a good thing, because it helped me figure out who I’m going to be as a blogger: only working for brands that I’m passionate about.


And I wasn’t even sad because the same day, I took the plunge and bought my own domain! This is a HUGE step. It makes me more appealing to companies who are thinking about working with me, because they can’t advertise on a WordPress domain, but they can advertise on mine. It also just looks for professional. And thanks to you guys, I have really high engagement, so I have everything I need to be an influencer!!

Brand Ambassador

Even after buying my domain, becoming an influencer/brand ambassador was still a far-off, maybe-one-day hypothetical. But then it happened. On a whim I emailed a local small business and they said yes!! It still feels too good to be true. I’ll be doing sponsored posts and giveaways and it’s everything I want to do as a blogger. And I believe in this company and am in love with their product! Does it get more perfect??


I just feel like a whirlwind of emotions brought me up to cloud 37 and I’m not coming down anytime soon. GOD IS SO GOOD and he has blessed this endeavor in so many ways. Who knows, I could end up making blogging a career. I have no idea what my life will look like in the future, but right now I know that God is good and I am so happy where I am.

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