10 Ways to Do Floral This Summer

If spring is the season of floral everything, summer is the season of floral accents. It’s also the season of lightweight basics and only minimal layers. Here’s a list of ways to creatively wear floral this season without dying of a heat stroke.


Neckties (also called neck scarves, ascots, etc.) are one of this summer’s hottest everyday trends. They are such a easy way to dress up solids and add a unique touch to your outfit!




Headbands are my go-to day 2 hairstyle. Especially when you have bangs, it’s so nice to have your hair out of your face on a sticky summer day! Everyone’s face is different, but my favorite headbands are thick and floral!


With Overalls

This may sound like a sure-fire way to look frumpy, but pairing a gorgeous floral shirt with overalls is right on trend! Dress the look up with statement earrings and adorable sandals.



Every girl needs a good purse, and a lightweight t-shirt becomes a hit when paired with the right one. Opt for a floral purse this season!

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Get yourself a pair of floral statement shoes. You deserve it! And yes, pineapples obviously count.



DUH. Rompers are actually the best ever. They are so beautiful and so practical. Every millennial female has to have a romper in her closet. It’s a rule.



Sashes and Belts

These aren’t accessories that people think much about (belts are just for holding pants up, right?). Wrong. The right belt can change the vibe of the whole outfit! And this summer, sashes are back in style at full force. Tie a floral scarf around your waist and see what happens!



In Florida, kimonos can be worn basically all year (because we have the same weather basically all year). A thin kimono might be just what you need to take your basics from casual to trendy.

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Maxi Dresses

It may seem strange to suggest a full-length dress for the summer, but this is the best time of year to wear them. Maxi dresses are usually made of a very breathable material, they are comfortable to move around in, and they won’t show where you have been sweating. And if you want to save money, they also double as beach cover-ups!

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Vintage Anything

Vintage is always in style, and this summer is no different. Anything from high-waisted floral shorts to an 80’s Hawaiian shirt will add a unique twist to your look!


Which floral accent are you going to try this summer? Let me know in the comments!

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