Don’t Be Afraid to Shop Plus Size

As I have mentioned before, I am right on the cusp of plus sizing. I can wear anything from a 14 to an 18, so it all depends on the the store. And the cut. And the fabric. And the time of day. And how I wear my hair. And whether the wind is blowing west at exactly a 47 degree angle at 14 miles per hour.

But even though I have known for several months that I can wear plus size, I was refusing to go into that section. I was in denial. So I would shop in the “regular” sizes, sometimes find things that fit, but usually leave disappointed and frustrated.

But the thing is, the clothes I was trying on were rarely too small. They were just small in some places and big in others. I am not too fat to wear regular sizes, I am just shaped differently. Besides, shopping in the regular section was not going to make me any skinnier, it would just ensure that I never had clothes that fit me right.

So a couple weeks ago I decided that I was tired of everything I put on pulling at my hips and I ventured into the plus sizes, just in case I found something that wasn’t too baggy (yes, I’m rolling my eyes at my past self too).

And let me tell you, my eyes were opened. At most stores, plus sizes are actually constructed differently. Sometimes the clothing is different styles entirely. Each piece is actually made to flatter people who are size 16 and up. And it is not a bad thing. It is not embarrassing. It is amazing.

While I still take issue with calling 16 and up “plus sizes” (that is a different post for a different day), I want to encourage you guys not to let the plus size stigma keep you from buying clothes that fit you! I feel more beautiful and confident in my new “plus size” clothes than in my “regular” clothes. I’m not constantly pulling my shirt off my stomach, or wondering if my dress is riding up in the back. Obviously, I would like to get back to my size 12 body through healthy eating and exercise, but while I’m a 16 I will be wearing plus size clothing and feeling really good about myself.



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