Trend Update: NYFW

New York Spring Fashion Week is an event that the fashion world looks forward to each winter. It’s true that the trends and designs we see on this runway can often be a bit out there and unsuitable for everyday life, but this spring three trends walked the runway that were extremely applicable to an everyday wardrobe and inspired me to expand the scope of the outfits I assemble.

Blouses Underneath Dresses


We’ve been seeing t-shirts under spaghetti strap dresses for a while now, but this fashion week encouraged us to try different styles of shirt under different styles of dress. I love this creative layering technique, especially for dresses that I wouldn’t consider modest on their own. Now instead of putting a sweater over everything, there’s another option!

Designer: Kate Spade




I’ve always adored this look on other people, but been terrified to try it myself. It’s so classy and professional, but I’ve always been afraid of looking boring. They key with monochrome is to pick separates with interesting and beautiful cuts. The material shouldn’t be the same, but cohesiveness is important. And, obviously, make sure your blacks or reds or creams are the identical.

Designer: Victoria Beckham


Bold Florals

Getty Images

Bold floral is a pattern we will definitely see a lot of this spring! Designers flooded the runway with it, especially Tory Burch in her whimsical spring line. This trend is definitely a must-have for your spring wardrobe!

Designer: Tory Burch


Relating fashion week to real life can be difficult, so hopefully this will help you put trendy outfits together this spring! The best part about this spring’s trends: you can recreate most or all of these looks with clothes you already have!

Happy outfit-making!


P.S. Which of these trends inspires you the most? Let me know in the comments!

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