What a Good Year: my favorite trends of 2017

Honestly 2017 was such a good year for fashion. Usually I hate at least half of any given year’s trends, but 2017 was a year of both quirky and classy trends to die for. Here’s a look at some of my favorites and how I wore them this past year!


Velvet all day, everyday. Velvet on dresses, leggings, boots, and just about any other piece you could think of. Crushed velvet (pictured below) was especially popular this past year, which put a fresh spin on the traditional fuzzy fabric.

According to my mom, I used to make fun of everything she owned or tried on that was velvet, which is hilarious considering how in love with it I am now. As of today, I own a velvet hoodie, a velvet shirt, velvet leggings, velvet boots, velvet flats, a velvet bralette, a velvet headband, and three velvet scrunchies. You could say I’m addicted…



Apparently around campus, I have the reputation of being the girl who wears the chokers, which is absolutely fine by me. This accessory, which has been around since the 1900’s, made a huge comeback in 2017. The 80’s associated chokers with grunge, but 2017 proved that there is a choker for every outfit.


Oversized Clothing

A third retro style that’s making a huge comeback is oversized/shapeless clothing. The perfect combination of stylish and cozy, oversized shirts and sweaters and flannels are an adorable everyday look. Wear shapeless shirts with leggings to relax or with jeans and booties for a night out!



I LOVE scrunchies. Scrunchies are the best ever and they remind me of my childhood and of 80’s dancercise videos. Rather than just sporting a standard ponytail, adding a scrunchie elevates the look from boring to trendy.



Enough of looking back to 2017, though! I can’t wait to see what outlandish new trends 2018 has in store for us.



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