Coffee Shop Fashion

I don’t know about you, but there’s just something about going to a coffee shop that makes me want to dress super cute. Well, I always want to dress super cute, but you know I mean. It may be the atmosphere (coffee shops are just so cute that I have to match) or just a reverence for small business, but I feel this need to pick out a special outfit.

So I decided to go on an adventure. I went to coffee shops in the Lakeland/Tampa area (both old favorites and new discoveries) and I assembled a specific outfit to match each one. Here’s a list of all the hang out places I love and looks to match them!


Hillcrest Coffee (Lakeland, FL)


So the day this picture was taken was the first time I went to Hillcrest when it was actually open (I always forget to check their hours before I go). They are located in a neighborhood inside an adorable old house complete with a wood-burning, brick fireplace. The atmosphere is complimented by wood floors and mismatched furniture and perfect for catching up with an old friend or knocking out some studying.

The look I chose for this Saturday morning was simple but with some unique touches. This gorgeous beige top is a keyhole turtleneck that I found brand-new at my favorite nonprofit, Top Buttons (be on the lookout for a blog post on Top Buttons!). I paired it with my trusty Ann Taylor jeans, a burgundy knit cardigan, and the black booties I wear at least five times a week. To bring the three solid colors together, I added sparkly ankle socks from H&M and a beautiful beaded Bali bracelet from Copper Tree Beads, a custom jewelry maker in Lakeland.


Foundation Coffee Co (Riverview, FL)


This coffee company has two locations: one in Tampa and one in Riverview. This photo was taken at their Riverview location, which is all outdoors and has an adorable backyard patio feel. I found the idea of an outdoor coffee shop brilliant; it was so relaxing to be out in the open with the wind clearing my head. It’s in a rural area so it’s perfect for escaping the rush and stress of a big city.

The outfit I wore to Foundation was composed of natural colors and floral prints— perfect for the outdoor setting. I wore an oversized, thrifted dark green turtleneck underneath a floral spaghetti-strap dress from Old Navy. This look was experimental for me but I fell in love with it. It’s the Florida winter version of wearing a t-shirt under a tank top.

My Local Starbucks


Say what you want about Starbucks coffee (and most of the criticisms I will agree with), but my Starbucks is the first coffee shop I went to as a kid and it is where I learned to love coffee. I’ve also had a gold card since the tenth grade and I love my free refills.

Since Starbucks is such a comfortable environment for me, I usually opt for a studying look. In this photo I have my favorite Target velvet leggings on, a YLakeland Tee, the same burgundy sweater, and my renowned Walmart sneakers. Throwing on a cardigan  is a simple and comfy way to dress up your leggings and t-shirt!

What’s your go-to coffee shop? Let me know in the comments!



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